Wednesday, (06/14) In order to achieve the target of effectiveness zakat distribution for Zakat Comdev (commmunity development) program, a measuring tool or scientific assessment standard is needed. The Zakat Comdev program is a community development program that integrates social aspects (education, health, religion, environment, and other social aspects) and comprehensive economic aspects whose main funding is sourced from zakat, infaq and alms to create a prosperous and independent community.

The target of the Zakat Comdev program is the mustahic community which the village is as unit. Each mustahik community is expected to be able to develop the existing potential with the help of zakat fund. Each village has different potential and characteristics. Therefore, a standard assessment standard that reflects the potential and characteristics of a village is required.

The event was attended by a number of experts, academics, practitioners, and stakeholders as OJK, UNDP, Bappenas, LPEM UI, Kemendesa, Smeru Research Institute and Research Institute of Prakarsa, held at Grand Cemara Hotel, Central Jakarta . The event opened with a speech by Irfan Syauqi Beik, Ph.D as Director Puskas. Then continued by the presentation of the concept and objectives of index preparation by Dr. Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman as Deputy Director of Research and Studies. The event lasts for four hours with the flow of discussion.