Jakarta (06/13). The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) developed a special da'wah program for female prisoners at Pondok Bambu Prison, East Jakarta. Some activities were held, such as recitation of Al-Qur'an, intelligent meticulous, and Da'i Prisoners competition.

The event were attended by Director of Coordination of Distribution, Utilization, Renbang and National Training, Mohd. Nasir Tajang with Ustadzah Okky Setiana Dewi and Haykal Kamil.

Nasir Tajang said the da'wah program and empowerment to female prisoners is very important in the context of strengthening Islamic faith and improving their skills as preparation when they returning to the community as a better wife, mother and citizen.

"The economic problem, the low level of education, and the lack of skills are the dominant factors that make them involved in various crime cases and irregularities," Nasir said. This exacerbated by the bad assumption of the general public over the female prisoners that trigger them to return to crime.

Therefore BAZNAS tries to solve this social problem by presenting lecturers from Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM), especially economic section for skill development and opening of the market access.

Some of female prisoners today have been active in skills activities such as clothing, handicrafts and cooking by its limitations. The product such as mukena and women's clothing branded "Bamboos" has been widely sold, but they need wider market access.

"The majority of teachers are co-workers, those who have skills and are seconded to expand the marketing range of prisoners' work, so that the program is truly beneficial and sustainable," he said.

In today's activities, BAZNAS provides 400 packages assistance in the form of women's hygiene, religious equipment and fasting meals. In the future BAZNAS will organize tahsin class and memorize quran and practical fiqih of moslem worship for them.

(Source: baznas.go.id | Trans: puskasbaznas.com)