The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) disributed groceries packages to several isolated tribes in six provinces in Indonesia. The tribes were Anak Dalam Tribe in Jambi Province, Baduy Tribe in Banten Province, Bajo Tribe in Central Sulawesi Province, Dayak Tribe in North Kalimantan Province, and Kokoda Tribe in West Papua Province.

These free packages were distributed to 34 villages on these isolated tribes in Indonesia. Director of Distribution, Empowerment, Planning, Research & Development BAZNAS, Mohd. Nasir Tajang stated that the reason of this distribution to these tribes was because of their remote area and difficult access, so that the food distribution was often disturbed.

"We named it ‘Ramadhan National Program with the Isolated Tribes’ or ‘Program Nasional Ramadhan bersama Suku Terasing’, as a caring form of BAZNAS to the isolated tribes with bad conditions,” said Mr. Mohd Nasir Tajang when distributing the groceries packages to Baduy Tribe, Lebak Banten, Friday (16/6; as quoted in

Groceries packages which were distributed to Baduy Tribe were around 1,000 units including rice, vegetable oil, instant noodles, salty fish,  terasi (shrimp paste), and various seasonings. These packages were distributed directly to Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam Tribe. For Baduy Luar, the groceries packages were distributed in a mosque and school which were located in Kampung Baduy Kompol, Leuwidamar Village. For Baduy Dalam, the packages were distributed to people in Kampung Cikeusik and Kampung Cibeo, Kanekes Village, Lebak Banten.

People in Baduy Tribe who received the packages looked very enthusiastic. They walked several kilometres, even camped on road, just to get the groceries package distributed by BAZNAS. Some people from Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam who received the packages said that they were really grateful. They said many thanks to BAZNAS which had distributed these free groceries packages to them.

Beside the groceries packages, BAZNAS also provided free mass health treatment to Baduy Luar people in Kampung Baduy Kompol, Leuwidamar Village, Lebak Banten. This Ramadhan program in Baduy Tribe, Lebak Banten was held for 2 days (June 15-16, 2017).