Kendal - The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) will intervene the poverty alleviation in Bringinsari Village, Kendal. This village is one of the villages with a poverty rate of 90 percent. BAZNAS will organize the Livestock Village program there.

Initiated by Alif Livestock Farmer Group through BAZNAS Livestock Village program, there have been held some citizen discussions. Implementation of the discussion used a participatory planning approach. "We want all stakeholders in Bringinsari Village to be involved in the village development planning," Bukhori said as the group leader.

The discussion involved headman, staffs, village chief, Citizens Association, religious leaders, businessmen and community leaders throughout Bringinsari Village. All components of the village were involved in order to provide inputs for handling poverty in Bringinsari Village.

Bringinsari got the empowerment program of Livestock Village from BAZNAS for sheep farming. However, to explore other potentials of this village, it needs more profound planning and development. According to Buchori, there are still many parties and untapped potentials of this village.

"If we rely on the farmer group only, it is not enough, we need all parties to help the village for getting out of the poverty," said Bukhori.

Implementation of the discussion were held three times. First was held on 29/5. The meeting produced a potential and problem map as a result of community studies. The next meeting was held on 6/6 and continued by a meeting on 5/7. From the results of the meetings, there have emerged hopes and dreams of Bringinsari Village residents.

After being studied in terms of language and philosophy, Bringinsari Village will be the village of ZAE (Zakat Agro Entrepreneur). ZAE village employs 5 sectors namely economy, education, health, religious preaching, and environment as well as infrastructure. "For economic empowerment, it will focus on ecotourism, smart village, and agro-industry."

He saw the tremendous potential of Bringinsari Village, especially in agriculture and livestock. Through BAZNAS program, it will bring up agro-based empowerment and entrepreneurship. "It is expected that ZAE will be the booster of Bringinsari Village and the surrounding villages" Bukhori said.


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