PT Penjaminan Jamkrindo Syariah (JamSyar) paid its corporate zakat around Rp 170 million to BAZNAS. Director of Finance of PT Penjaminan Jamkrindo Syariah, Endang Sriwiharni, explained that zakat has its own regulations to be obeyed. So, PT JamSyar entrusts BAZNAS to manage its zakat fund. In addition, zakat payment to the official zakat institution can be an income deduction to the corporate zakat.

JamSyar distributed its zakat (Rp 170,261,823) which is deducted from 2.5 percent of 2016’s business profit. This amount increased from the zakat in 2015 which was only Rp 168,484,865. “We do not target the zakat amount, we only focus on paying our zakat, which comes from 2.5 percent of our business profit,” said Endang on his visit to mustahik of BAZNAS in Kampung Masjid, Bojong Gede, Bogor Regency, Thursday (6/7).

BAZNAS has many zakat distribution programs. JamSyar chose the zakat distribution on the BAZNAS economic empowerment program as it matched with its business field and in line with JamSyar vision to support the small enterpreneurs through financing guarantee. “We help the micro-enterpreneurs from BAZNAS program. We hope that they are not only given the business capital, but also be guided and accompanied, so that their business can improve and become our business partner in the future,” added Endang.

Location selection and decision on people who received the fund were also entrusted to BAZNAS as long as the distribution program is right on target. Last year, JamSyar also distributed its zakat fund to BAZNAS coffee peddlers. The corporate zakat of JamSyar had only been executed for two years since it was just established since the end of 2014. JamSyar hope that it can always have a good partnership with BAZNAS.