Islamabad, 31 October 2017, PUSKAS BAZNAS has attended a very prestigious event in Islamabad Pakistan regarding the Workshop of Developing Maqashid Shariah Based Index . The insitution was invited by IRTI – IDB to share the idea and concept of the National Village Index (IDZ, Indeks Desa Zakat ). IRTI – IDB has interested to get elaboration of IDZ as it is considered one of genuine contribution in developing an Islamic Indicator of Developement.

The Director , Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik, and his Deputy, Dr Soleh Nurzaman , who present the paper, received very positive response from all the international expert coming to this event . The audiences were enthusiastic listening to the presentation.

They were also glad to know that this Islamic-based concept is not only has been well developed but also has been agreed to be implemented at national policy.  Some of the experts are even interested to duplicate this concept and then be applied in their own country.

For the next agenda, IRTI – IDB plan to arrange such as working group by exchanging the email adress. IRTI-IDB will also publish all the paper, inculding the paper on IDZ, to disseminate the concept to the public so does the impact can benefit all muslim at international level.