Rumah Berkah Dhuafa Surgery Program or abbreviated to “BERDUA” is one of the programs proclaimed by BAZNAS Province of Bangka Belitung Islands. “BERDUA” is one of the programs proclaimed by BAZNAS Province of Bangka Belitung Islands.

Moreover, “BERDUA” program is structured according to the work plan of the distribution field for 2017 which plans to dissect 14 homes whose residence is considered uninhabitable by the spread of 2 houses in each of the 6 districts and 1 city in the Province.

One of the houses designated by BAZNAS Babel Province is owned by Mr. Suhaimi which is located at Jl. Kampung Nelayan Dua – Sungailiat, Bangka regency. Where the first stone laying is on 26 September 2017 conducted by the Chairman along with Vice Chairman of the Field of Collection and Vice Chairman of Distribution and Utilization of BAZNAS Babel Province.

Mr. Suhaimi who lives with his wife and 4 children, is a fisherman with income that can be said not yet established. In the previous condition, Mr. Suhaimi's residence and family is made of semi-permanent material which is considered not feasible anymore with the condition of board walls that have weathered and the roof of zinc leak. Therefore, BAZNAS Babel province establishes its home as a recipient of a home surgical relief program called “BERDUA”.

A month later, on October 26, 2017, the BAZNAS Puskas team was accompanied by a distribution team from BAZNAS Bangka Belitung Province visits and sees the built house completed that has been occupied by Mr. Suhaimi's family. During the visit Mr. Suhaimi and his family expressed their gratitude to BAZNAS for assistance in improving their residence. Before the BAZNAS team of Bangka Belitung Province came to survey the condition of Mr. Suhaimi's house, he they came just wondering then the photos but somewhere no further news. However, with this BAZNAS “BERDUA” program, Mr. Suhaimi and his family were quite impressed by the process that he went through. Because since the first survey towards the first stone laying of the house until the completion, Mr. Suhaimi do not waiting for a long time.

( | Trans: Dr. Quraisy)