Speaking of the West Papua region, which is one of the areas in Eastern part of Indonesia with a Muslim minority, Zakat Organization (OPZ) it is still facing a challenge. The greatest challenge in zakat management in the region is to provide education and to comprehend Muslim community about the importance of zakat, competence and the availability of good human resources in zakat management, as well as support from the local government against OPZ activities.

Yunus Afandi as the Head of Secretariat Puskas BAZNAS has an opportunity to visit BAZNAS in West Papua to conduct Socialization and Implementation of National Zakat Index (IZN) in the region. In order to know the performance of zakah in the region can not be separated from the role of OPZ in the region both BAZNAS Province and Baznas District/ City. Puskas BAZNAS has the opportunity to measure performance of zakah in West Papua through the implementation of IZN.

The purpose of the IZN implementation is to establish an indicator that will be a standard reference for the progress and reflection on the performance of practices in Indonesia whilst the application can be done periodically either at National and Provincial levels. Prior to IZN measurement, socialization of the IZN concept was first conducted. IZN itself in his judgment is formed by two large dimensions which will later be revealed as the indicators and variables, the dimension is the macro and micro dimensions.

Moreover, the macro dimension is formed by several indicators, namely Regulation, State Budget (APBN) support, and Zakat institutional or organizations database. Meanwhile, the micro dimension is formed by institutional indicators and the impact of zakat. National Zakat Index (IZN) as a measuring instrument of zakah performance that has been implemented and has resulted in the value of hope index which can be a benchmark for the OPZ to improve the performance that has not been maximized. IZN result can also be done as an OPZ performance report to the community and other stakeholders as an institution's accountability effort.

(puskasnews.com | Trans: Dr. Quraisy)