Puskas BAZNAS in cooperation with BAZNAS of West Sumatera province measures the National Zakat Index of all BAZNAS located in West Sumatera region. The total number of BAZNAS is 19 with the composition of 1 BAZNAS province and 18 BAZNAS regency/ city.

Measurement of IZN in West Sumatra is slightly different from the measurement in other provinces that have been conducted before. Some of the activities that are usually done are FGD while the questionnaire is filled together accompanied by Puskas team. Meanwhile, in West Sumatra, Puskas team is also collecting data from the BAZNAS province. Whilst, BAZNAS data in Regency/city has been available previously.

"Based on communication made via telephone, we can not gathered BAZNAS staffs in districts/cities to attend the meeting in the province so that the questionnaire was collected via email which later to be given to the respondents. We also attach the necessary documents as material for verification of completed questionnaires" said the Chairman of BAZNAS West Sumatra province, in Padang, Monday (23/10).

In the future, it is expected that the form of measuring IZN can be adopted like in West Sumatera province to ensure the efficiency aspect. Lastly, to survey the mustahik, as usual, Puskas team gave a briefing to the local surveyor.

(puskasnews.com | Trans: Dr. Quraisy)