Center of Strategic Studies of The National Board of Zakat (PUSKAS BAZNAS) participated in the 3rd International Working Group on Technical Notes of Zakat Core Principles in Grand City, Surabaya on Friday (10/11) and The World Zakat Forum (WZF) Annual Meeting 2017 in Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya, on the next day.

The document of Zakat Core Principles, titled Core Principles for Effective Zakat Supervision, provides a brief description of the foundation of zakat operations and system. In the document, the major issues in zakat were identified and grouped into six main themes: (a) legal foundations; (b) zakat supervision; (c) zakat governance; (d) intermediary function; (e) risk management; and (f) Shariah governance.The technical note serves as a technical elaboration of the Zakat Core Principles (ZCP) document.

Opened by Cecep Maskanul Hakim from Bank of Indonesia, the discussion then led by Irfan Syauqi Beik, the director of PUSKAS BAZNAS. Also attended the meeting were Ascarya from Bank of Indonesia who did the research on which the technical note on risk management is based, and Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, the head of publication and network division of PUSKAS BAZNAS. With a total of 17 participants from six countries attended the event to discuss the technical notes of zakat core principles on good amil governance and risk management.

Continuing the two discussions that were held in November 2016 and March 2017, this 3rd meeting finished the discussion of the technical note on good amil governance. Meanwhile, the technical note on risk management will be discussed further at the next meeting next year in Bosnia. The technical notes will be launched on the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Annual Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, on October 2018.

The participants of the International Working Group which are also members of World Zakat Forum continued the discussion on the WZF Annual Meeting 2017. The WZF Annual Meeting 2017 was also attended by the heads of zakat institutions as well as academics from several universities in Indonesia.

The meeting resulted in the Resolution of the World Zakat Forum Annual Meeting 2017.They agreed on the preparation of technical notes of other issues as well as the translation of the technical notes into Arabic, regulation of membership and associate member augmentation, and also the contribution in WZF website and publications. The forum also agreed that the next WZF Annual Meeting will be in Bosnia with the theme “Institutionalizing Zakat for Poverty Alleviation and Human Development”.

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