Puskas BAZNAS through its Research team was conducted a research field to check and measure the implementation of National Zakat Index (IZN) as well as to survey the impact of productive zakat distribution to Mustahik. This time the event was conducted in NTT Province on 13-14 November 2017.

This field research was the first time that the Puskas team had done in NTT Province. The agenda of the BAZNAS Puskas team in the province directly adjacent to the country of Timor Leste begins with the socialization of IZN to the Chairman and Amil of BAZNAS of NTT Provinceas as well as the representatives of four regency and municipal BAZNAS which have been active and have management, namely South East Middle District, , West Manggarai Regency, and Kupang City.

In the socialization, Puskas team expressed the urgency of IZN, the implementation draft, and responded to every question about the management of zakat. Moreover, it is ideal because in NTT, Islam adherents only 9% of the total population (BPS, 2010). Thus the management of zakat requires a special treatment because the amount muzakki and mustahik are limited. For the IZN discussion, the activities ended by jointly filling out the questionnaire and discussing the correlation of each question in the questionnaire with the zakat management business process.

Besides socializing IZN, Puskas BAZNAS team also introduced Zakat Village Index (IDZ). Then, on the last day the activity ends with a briefing to the surveyors who will be involved in the activity towards the measurement of the impact of zakat in productive ways. Lastly, in the briefing, Puskas team, surveyors, and BAZNAS NTT province visited directly to the house of one of the productive program mustahik which has now become muzakki. In the future, IZN implementation activities, “Impact Study on Mustahik Productive Zakat Program, and IDZ will continue to be done regularly in order to generate the latest zakat data.