Cirebon, (08/01) Central BAZNAS, Puskas Baznas, BAZNAS West Java Province and BAZNAS Cirebon District held a meeting with the Regional Government of Cirebon and Cirebon CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Forum related to the establishment of Rumah Sehat BAZNAS (BAZNAS Free Hospital) program in Cirebon as the representative of West Java region.

This program will provide health facilities for the poor in Cirebon and surrounding areas through promotive and preventive health programs. In addition to these activities, BAZNAS Free Hospital also carries out curative activities.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Nana Mintarti as BAZNAS Commissioner, Mr. Arief Ramdani as Chairman of BAZNAS West Java Province, Mr. Budiman Mahfudz as Chairman of BAZNAS Cirebon Regency, and Mr. Rahmat Sutrisno as Regional Secretary of Cirebon Regency.

Meeting participants:

Central BAZNAS:
1. Nana Mintarti
2. dr. Fachri
3. M. Iman Damara
4. Deasy

Center of Strategic Studies
1. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal

BAZNAS West Java Province:
1. Bpk Arief Ramdani

BAZNAS Cirebon Regency:
1. Bpk. Budiman Mahfud

Regional Government of Cirebon:
1. District Secretary. Cirebon, Mr. Grace
2. Head of Welfare
3. Head of Legal and Assets
4. Head of BAPPEDA (The Regional Development Planning Board) Cirebon