The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) established a Crisis Center to respond to various complaints that occurred in the Asmat community, Papua. The crisis that afflicts the Asmat community is a multidimensional crisis, not only about health but also food, leadership, and infrastructural crisis.

These factors encouraged BAZNAS to design a simultaneous program in order to overcome the disaster in Asmat. In this Crisis Center, BAZNAS developed four programs. BAZNAS Deputy, Arifin Purwakananta said  that the first program is for the health sector. BAZNAS formed Health Rescue Team to come to villages that had not implemented immunization and had malnutrition.

“BAZNAS will send a team that does not only work for one or two days, but we also put Asmat under BAZNAS target area. We hope we can optimally run the program in that area,” said Arifin.

For the second program, BAZNAS is planning to encourage Asmat society to have a health cadre who can guide the Asmat community to be aware of the importance of health, starting from the public figure in Asmat that later can provide understanding of the importance of public health.

“Moreover, BAZNAS also supports food aids. Initially, BAZNAS is trying to assist the food aids immediately. Then for the long run, BAZNAS is planning to encourage barns installment in Asmat. The barns will become a buffer stock, so when the food crisis occurred, the event will not repeat,” he said.

Lastly, BAZNAS also developed additional program. The programs strengthen other sides such as education, economics, and advocacy to strengthen the defense of Asmat society in the future.

The Asmat community is currently suffering a health crisis. The Ministry of Health has announced the occurrence of measles and malnutrition outbreaks (KLB) in Nakai Village, Pulau Tiga District and Agats City, Papua Province.


(Transl: Ulfah/Ed: Amelya)