Kuningan, 02 February 2018. PUSKAS BAZNAS has invited as the speaker of National Seminar "Optimizing Socio-Techno Finance for Small Medium Enterprises Development" held by Islamic Economic Studies Forum (FOSSEI), West Java regional at Kuningan University, West Java.

In the first session, Muhammad Akbar, PhD, Head of Islamic Economic Studies Forum (FOSSEI), presented about the phenomenon of fintech and the real economy. He explained about various types and services of fintechtherefore the current generation be able to deal with this phenomenon in the effort of Islamic economic prosperity. Secondly, he explained that fintech is part of world financing area, for instance peer-to-peer landing, which widely used in financing the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Furthermore, BAZNAS Deputy Director of Publication and Network, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, PhD, presented about the development of zakat in Indonesia as well as the extent to which the function of zakat in supporting the development of SMEs particularly for those who are in below the poverty line. He also explained the national strategy in increasing the participation of muzakki, among them is through the proposed policy on zakat as tax deduction. In addition, through the amendment of Presidential Instruction No. 3/2014 thus it can be mandated that zakat payment could automatically deducted from the payroll system. If those two conditions can be implemented, it is predicted to increase the zakat collection for 40 trillion Rupiah.

He also explained that if other financial sectors can support SMEs communities who have collateral guarantee, then for those who do not have collateral and including in group of asnaf, it can be solved by intervention of philanthropic institutions, such as Zakat Institution or BAZNAS.

(Ed: Tita/puskasbaznas.com)