PUSKASBAZNAS, Cianjur – On Monday (05/02), Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas Baznas) represented by Ninik Annisa and Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa visited Campakawarna Village,  Campakamulya Subdistrict, Cianjur district,  in order to do survey for Zakat Village Index (IDZ). In this occasion, Puskas BAZNAS also assisted by BAZNAS Cianjur and Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) Campakawarna in measuring the IDZ.

The survey of IDZ in the Campakawarna village is done by Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and interviewing the Head of the village, the secretary of the village, and some heads of the neighborhood (RT). The result of the survey are: (1) mostly the resident still have non-permanent houses (Rumah Panggung), do not have toilet and bathroom in the house, and access to clean water is still minimal and depending on the season.  This condition is because the lack of public health standards; (2) based on interviews with the village head, there are 20 stunting children; (3) in the one corner of the village is also experiencing frequent landslide that cannot be anticipated. Although there was no significant accident in the last 3 years, it needs a more accurate solution. 

Furthermore, the condition of education in Campakawarna is also unfavorable. The number of schools is still limited and lack of facilities. The location of the school is quite far and the access to schools is difficult due to terraced land contours and road conditions that are still soil and rocky.

Nevertheless, according to Village Potential Statistics (Potensi Desa), Campakawarna Village has agricultural potential particularly in Vetiver (Akar wangi) and brown sugar. Most of Campakawarna Village population are farmers and farm workers. In order to boost the economic level of citizens which is still relatively low, it is necessary to cooperatively maximize the potency of the village. It is also expected that by maximizing the potential in Campakawarna it will improve the economic and livelihoods condition of the people.

(Rep : Ninik A & Hidayaneu l Ed : Priyesta)