Assessor from Puskas BAZNAS with Neighborhood Coordinators and Secretary of the Kutawaringin Village

PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Tasikmalaya -- Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) conducts village mapping in various regions in Indonesia. The mapping is done by using Zakat Village Index (IDZ), a measurement tool constructed by Puskas BAZNAS both to assess and to monitor the village for the purpose of zakat distribution program implementation. On Thursday (01/02) and Friday (02/02), an assessor from Puskas BAZNAS accompanied by a team from BAZNAS Tasikmalaya District visited Kutawaringin Village, Tasikmalaya District, to do the mapping.

The assessor interviewed some village officials. The questions asked were related to the economic, health, education, social humanity, and dakwah condition of the village. Furthermore, to get deeper information, some neighborhood coordinators were also assessed through questionnaire and some direct questions. The data and information gathered will then be processed both quantitatively and qualitatively to see whether the village needs some zakat distribution programs.


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