Puskas BAZNAS and LAZNAS Discuss the Location of IDZ Survey

PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Jakarta -- On Tuesday (20/02), Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) held a meeting with LAZ in regards to the implementation of IDZ survey in 40 locations in 2018. The purpose of this meeting was as a means of discussion to equate perceptions about IDZ locations determination techniques and also to facilitate LAZ so that they could immediately nominate the locations. The participants consist of 10 representatives from national zakat institutions (LAZNAS) namely LAZNAS Al Azhar, LAZNAS Rumah Yatim, LAZNAS Muhammadiyah, LAZNAS Inisiatif Zakat Indonesia, LAZNAS PZU Persis, LAZNAS Lembaga Manajemen Infaq, LAZNAS Yayasan Dana Sosial Al-Falah, LAZNAS Yatim Mandiri, LAZNAS Dompet Dhuafa, and LAZNAS Daarut Tauhid Peduli. As a follow up action from the meeting,  Puskas BAZNAS will organize IZN & IDZ Training for all LAZNAS representatives.


(rep: Quraisy | ed: ADA)