PUSKASBAZNAS. COM - Center of strategic Studies, The National  Board of Zakat ( Puskas Baznas)  visited 2 (two)  villages in Kutai Timur District, East Kalimantan on Monday (26/03)  until Wednesday (28/03). The survey aim to monitoring ZCD activities and measure IDZ in both villages.

Sangatta Utara sub district is the first area that surveyed by Puskas Baznas. in this occasion Puskas Baznas aslo assisted by Baznas Kutim. the monitoring of zcd activities is done by interviewing the secretary of the village and some of the head of the neighborhood. Sangatta Utara sub district is located in the middle of the city and there are many companies, shops, banking and universities. Nevertheless, there are still many low income people.

ZCD program has been running for more than one year in the Teluk Lingga village, Sangatta Utara sub-district. one of the programs that have been successful is breeding goats. Some community groups were given some goats for cultivation. In the early stages, the goats are used as capital amounted to 50 tail, now the number reaches more than 100 tail. Even the sale of goats has been used as capital for raising cattle

Rep : Aneu