PUSKASBAZNAS.COM - Center of strategic studies, The National Board of Zakat (Puskas Baznas)  visited Sidomulyo Village, Kongbeng Sub district, Kutai Timur District, East Kalimantan on Wednesday (26/03). In this occasion, Puskas Baznas also assisted by Baznas Kutim And Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ)  Kongbeng District. The survey aim to monitoring ZCD activities and measure IDZ in this village.

Kongbeng sub district is the second area surveyed by the team of Puskas BAZNAS at Kutai Timur District . Different with the previous IDZ location which is close to city centre, Sidomulyo Village Kongbeng District is located about 193 Km from the city center. Sidomulyo village has a superior product of palm oil. However, oil palm plantations are majority owned by companies and villagers only work as laborers in the company

ZCD programs that have been conducted for more than a year focus on low-income communities. Community empowerment program conducted is a group of goat farms and vegetable seeds. the results of this program are already perceived by mustahik. Another thing to note in sidomulyo village is the availability of clean water. During this time, people use rain-fed water for cooking and toilet facilities

Rep : Aneu