PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Kutai Barat -- On 26-27th March, two researchers of Puskas BAZNAS visited Muyub Ilir village to monitor and evaluate the ZCD Program using IDZ tool constructed by Puskas BAZNAS team. A very friendly society greeted the researchers with full of warmth and smile.

The researchers of Puskas BAZNAS with children and Islamic preacher of Muyub Ilir Village

Muyub Ilir village is located on the edge of the Mahakam river where people are accustomed to use the river water to meet their daily needs. In fact, the water is already contaminated by plant waste generated by companies operating around their area. Since the location of the village is right by the river, the house on stilts which is the main characteristic of traditional house type in this area allows their house to survive the flooding of tides. Moreover, the people of the village remain peaceful and helpful despite their varying beliefs.

One corner of the school in the Muyub Ilir Village

The village has severe economic condition and its infrastructure needs to be improved. The majority of people in the village are farmer and fisherman in which rubber and Tebelak fish are their main natural resources potential. Besides, some women spend their time making beautiful and sturdy knitting bags,  which unfortunately, there is no market yet to sell the products.

Despite having a low economy, they continue to prioritize education. Parents and teachers have instilled the importance of having a high education to their children. Although there is only one primary school, it does not diminish their learning spirit. They are willing to cross the river to get education and change their better economy.

The researcher of Puskas BAZNAS interviewed the headmaster of a school in Muyub Ilir Village

In determining the best program, assessors use IDZ which is based on five dimensions namely economy, health, education, social humanity, and da'wah. Interviews were conducted for capturing the village condition. The headman, teacher, ustadz (Islamic preacher), and local residents are the respondents in exploring the five dimensions in terms of the village. Then, the assessor will analyze and recommend the best program for the villages that have been studied.

The researcher of Puskas BAZNAS interviewed the Headman of Muyub Ilir Village

Rep: Herlin | Ed: Amelya