PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Luwu – Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas) BAZNAS together with BAZNAS Luwu District conducted the Zakat Village Index (IDZ) survey in Tanete Sarang Allo village, Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province on Monday (7/05). The village is located about 300km northern of Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi.  The village is situated at the foot of the hill and the majority of the villagers are farmers, farm laborers and brick maker.

IDZ was conducted by interviewing head of Tanete Sarang Allo village to know the potential of the village. In addition, focus group discussion was also conducted with village society and sahabat Zakat Community Development (ZCD) as the ZCD program has already run since the beginning of the year. The ZCD program in this village is laying ducks farm which divided into 4 groups and each groups is responsible for about a hundred of laying ducks.

In terms of village’s facilities, it is still very limited particularly for its accessibility as the condition of the road is still rocky road and there are no public transportation available. Therefore, majority of villagers go on foot for their daily activities such as going to school and sell their agricultural product.

Looking at those condition and limitation, the villagers hope that ZCD program on laying ducks farm could increase their economic condition.

Rep: Tita