PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, WAJO – BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS BAZNAS) conducted the Zakat Village Index (IDZ) survey in Lalliseng Village, Wajo District, South Sulawesi Province on Wednesday (15/08). 

Accompanied by a staff of BAZNAS Wajo District, the survey was done to assess the village for the purpose of zakat distribution program implementation, which in this case is Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program.

The Secretary of Lalliseng Village, Ahmad Hasriadi Kasnur, and some local figures who are well acquainted with the condition of the village in terms of economy, health, education, social, and da'wah were the resource persons of the survey. The informants stated that most of the villagers were farmers, though the products could not be categorized as featured product yet. Therefore, the proposed program for this village is Japanese taro cultivation because of the demand for this product to be exported to Japan.

Most houses in the village have adequate sanitation and access for clean water. In the village, there also are well-equipped schools from elementary to senior high. Villagers activities are also facilitated by the presence of sport fields and equipments, as well as the existence of community activities. However, in terms of religious aspect, though almost all villagers are Muslims, there are only less than half villagers who can read Quran, perform congregational prayers in the mosque, and participate in religious activities.


Rep: ADA