UGM Yogyakarta (08/08/2018) - In order to facilitate the world of zakat research and zakat practitioners, Baznas through Puskas Baznas will be held an International Conference of Zakat (IConz). The year Iconz will be held in the Special Region of Jogjakarta on November 15-16, 2018. That event on the collaboration work of Puskas Baznas with UGM PKEBS.

To succeed the event, Puskas Baznas through Vice Deputy of Network and Publish Division which was commanded by Dr. Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal and his Researcher Dr. Muhammad Choirin being held an exit meeting with the Head of the PKEBS UGM, Dr. Akhmad Akbar.

Hasbi Zaenal expressed the purpose of his arrival while thanking him for the welcome given. The Dr Akbar expressed his gratitude for the confidence of Puskas Baznas who made PKEBS as a partner in conducting the conference.

After carefully discussing, the event continued with reviewing the conference rooms and facilities which later the conference will be used.