BAZNAS and PPZ MAIWP meeting at BAZNAS Office, Jakarta

Malaysia's Zakat Collection Center (PPZ) visited the National Board of Zakat, the Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS) to exchange information on zakat management in their respective countries on Monday (27/8). In the meeting BAZNAS encouraged zakat cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Meanwhile PPZ was interested in studying the collection and distribution system of zakat in BAZNAS.

"PPZ is interested in the use of communication and technology (ICT) such as digitalization in the collection of BAZNAS like the use of financial technology, chat robots (chat bots), zakat with QR codes as well as zakat virtual assistant," said PPZ Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Shukri Yusoff on Monday (27/8).

Shukri said, PPZ also wanted to study new communication products in BAZNAS such as utilizing video channel in BAZNAS TV. Because PPZ, which has only been acting as a zakat collector, is currently applying for permission to manage the distribution of zakat.

PPZ also hopes to learn how to disburse the community zakat funds through BAZNAS.

BAZNAS Chairman, Prof. Bambang Sudibyo said, BAZNAS wants to be the most progressive zakat institution in developing digital services. Various innovations in the use of technology in zakat management continue to be developed to provide the best services to today's society.

"Because today's society likes the ease in its activities, including in paying zakat, infaq and sadaqah," he said.

PPZ's visit to BAZNAS was led by Shukri. The Chairman of Baznas and his staff welcomed PPZ's visit. In order to strengthen cooperation between PPZ and BAZNAS, they will sign a memorandum of understanding at the World Zakat Forum (WZF) event in Malacca at the end of this year.

Source: | Transl: ADA