On August 13, 2018, Puskas BAZNAS, represented by Aisha Putrina Sari as a senior researcher and Noviyanti as a junior researcher, visited Takome Subdistrict, Pulau Ternate District, North Maluku to assess Indeks Desa Zakat (IDZ).

The assessment was attended by BAZNAS North Maluku Province, BAZNAS Ternate City, Head of Takome Subdistrict and the sociecty. After the chairman of BAZNAS North Maluku Province delivered a speech, IDZ's assessment was conducted by interviewing the village head and the community representation.

The main problem in the Takome Subdistrict are market access and technology development to process natural products. Takome Subdistrict produces a lot of coconut and cloves. However, because the coconut field is located far enough at the top of the mountain, the community cannot optimally bring their crops.

Another potential that can be developed from the Takome village is tourism as there are two lakes nearby, namely the Tolire Besar Lake and Tolire Kecil Lake. Furthermore, the potential of this district is waste processing. To date, Takome Village is a final landfill for the entire city of Ternate, therefore, some of those waste can be processed into crafts.