PUSKASBAZNAS.COM - Center of strategic Studies, The National  Board of Zakat ( Puskas Baznas)  visited 2 (two)  villages in Gorontalo Province which are Huyula village at Pohuwato District and Pulubala village at Gorontalo district on Monday (27/08)  until Thursday (30/08). The aim of the survey is to measure IDZ in both villages. Other than that, we also implement the National Zakat Index (NZI) and assess the impact of zakat in BAZNAS Province of Gorontalo.

Huyula village (27/8) is the first area that surveyed by Puskas Baznas. Huyula Village is about 190 Km from the province center, in this occasion Puskas Baznas also assisted by Baznas Puhowato district. The assessment of Zakat Community development (ZCD) activities is done by interviewing the head of the Subdistrict, head of the village, the head of the neighborhood and also some communities.

Based on the survey that have been carried out, the potential of Huyula village is agriculture. There is still a lot of land that has not been managed due to the absence of capital. The majority of villagers work as farm workers with the income of Rp. 25,000 per day.

In addition to problems in the economic field, there are also problems with access to clean water and electricity, that is about 50% of households have not had access to clean water and electricity. Besides that, the internet signal is still difficult to find in the village.