PUSKASBAZNAS.COM - Center of strategic studies, The National Board of Zakat (Puskas Baznas)  visited Pulubala Village, Pulubala Subdistrict, Gorontalo District on Wednesday (28/08). In this occasion, Puskas Baznas also assisted by Baznas Gorontalo district. The survey is aim to measure IDZ in this village.

Pulubala sub-district is the second area surveyed by the team of Puskas BAZNAS at Gorontalo Province. Different with the previous IDZ location which is away from province center, Pulubala Village is located about 30Km from the Province center. the survey of IDZ  is done by interviewing the staff of the village.

There are several creative industries in Pulubala village, namely the manufacture of typical Gorontalo skull cap and cloth.  Same as the Huyula,  Pulubala village are also have problems with access to clean water, about 50% of households haven’t had access to clean water.