Donomulyo Village is a village located in Donomulyo sub-district, Malang district. This sub-district is located in natural conditions with mountainous contours, but 6 out of 10 villages in this sub-district have coastal areas. From this natural condition, it can be seen that the main livelihood of the villagers is in the agricultural sector. In addition to rice, the Donomulyo village community also has sugar cane and intercropping.

Some rural communities also make a living through the creative sector such as furniture that interested people come from neighboring districts. The potentials of the village of Donomulyo should be developed through marketing that supports not only offline but also online.

For the education sector itself, the donomulyo village government includes the attention to education that is not only through conventional science approaches but also through a religious science approach. This can be seen from the education facilities owned by the village of Donomulyo starting from the level of basic education to the level of higher education based on religion, namely the Islamic Elementary School, Madrasah Tsanawiyah, and Madrasah Aliyah, all of which are state schools.