The Innovation of the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) initiated the model of financing electricity access for poverty alleviation, becoming a reality. This program is appreciated by the United Nations (UN) through UNDP. This was revealed in the inauguration of the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in Lubuk Bangkar Village, Batang Asai District, Sarolangun District, Jambi Province, Wednesday (5/9/2018).

"The PLTMH initiative in the zakat fund-based Jambi initiated by BAZNAS is one of the manifestations of the application of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," said Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brojonegoro in the inauguration of the MHP.

This inauguration also attended by Chairman of BAZNAS Bambang Sudibyo, Deputy Chairman of BAZNAS Zainulbahar Noor, Acting Governor of Jambi Fachrori Umar; Regent of Sarolangun, Cek Endra; UNDP Indonesia Deputy Country Director Sophie Kemkhaze; UNDP Technical Advisor, Ikhsan Modjo; and Director of Planning and Infrastructure Development of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources EBTKE, Noor Arifin Muhammad.

In addition BAZNAS members Emmy Hamidiyah and Nana Mintarti, Director of Baznas Distribution and Utilization Mohd Nasir Tajang; Chairman of the BAZNAS Jambi Province, Aminullah Amit, Chairman of the BAZNAS Sarolangun Regency and head of the BAZNAS district/ city Jambi, also attended this event. In particular, Bambang Brojonegoro said that this program participates in increasing access to clean and affordable energy (SDGs number 7), to support poverty eradication (SDGs no. 1) and increase community prosperity (SDGs no. 1).

"Not only provides electricity access to the community, but also provides long-term impacts on regional development to reduce the national development gap," said Minister of National Development Planning.

Chairman of Baznas Bambang Sudibyo, said that the cooperation between UNDP, EBTKE-ESDM with the support of BAZNAS through zakat funds and Bank Jambi with CSR funds for the fulfillment of electricity access is to alleviate the poor and poorest from poverty, especially in Jambi Province.

"After 73 years of the Indonesian Independence Day, BAZNAS played a role in freeing the people from the darkness," said the former Minister of National Education.

Therefore, added Bambang, to build and revitalize the PLTMH, BAZNAS allocated 350,000 US dollars or Rp 4.8 billion and added CSR funds from Bank Jambi amounting to 281,357 US dollars (Rp 3.76 billion).

"This fund is used to build a new PLTMH and revitalize three units of electricity for four villages in Jambi Province," he said.

This program provides electricity access to 4,448 people from 803 households. Data from the ESDM Ministry revealed that the electrification ratio in Jambi was 91.40% still below the national ratio of 95.35% (until December 2017). Without access to electricity that supports the economy, education and health, people are increasingly vulnerable to poverty.

"This is the first support by BAZNAS in the use of zakat funds for SDGs in Indonesia and in the world," said Bambang.

He explained, before the construction was carried out for 6 months, intensive preparation had been carried out for 7 months. "This includes the selection of locations and the involvement of all stakeholders to ensure the beneficiaries are the poor and the most needy," said the former Minister of Finance. In the same place, Noor Arifin Muhammad said, this development was a joint initiative of the community which was implemented through funding cooperation from several parties.

The government appreciates and strongly supports this program as part of efforts to provide electricity based on New Energy and Renewable Energy (EBT).


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