Mothers in Palam Village, Cempaka Sub-District, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan have a new habit to fill their free time between farming. They process Purun into woven bags. Purun is a type of wild grass that lives near water or swamps. Purun is also often said to be similar to Pandan leaves that live around the swamp, but the stem is longer.

In Purun Village, there are two groups of craftsmen, namely the Al Firdaus Group and the Galuh Cempaka Group. The Chairman of Al Firdaus, Mujiatni revealed that the craft they produce now is selling well. Far different from a few years ago. "In the middle of 2016, when a new group was formed we could only sell hundreds of productions per month. While this year it has reached thousands of productions per month," he said.

Regarding the price, he revealed, for Purun bags they sell at a price of IDR 15,000 to IDR 20,000. While the carpet, depending on size starting from IDR 70,000.

The results of production sales, then collected in their group cooperatives. Then, the money collected can later be used to provide assistance to members of the cooperative. Al Firdaus group itself is a guided village of LAZNAS LMI which at the same time Puskas BAZNAS had the opportunity to measure the Zakat Village Index in Palam Village, Cempaka District, Banjarbaru City.


Rep: Yunus