BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies visited Rukti Endah Village, Seputih Raman District, Central Lampung Regency to conduct a measurement of the Zakat Village Index. Zakat Village Index or IDZ is a composite index of economic, health, education, social and religious aspects, which is used to measure the extent to which certain villages need zakat assistance programs. The index value ranges between 0 and 1. If the IDZ value is close to 1, the village does not have to prioritize the zakat program. Conversely, if the index value is close to 0, the village must be prioritized to receive the zakat program.

Rukti Endah village has considerable potential for the development of the agricultural sector, especially rice plants with a plant area of ​​6,015 ha. As a leading commodity of food crop agricultural commodities, rice production in the village of Rukti Endah reaches 40 tons per year. In addition to the agricultural potential of food crops, livestock commodities also have excellent potential. Supported by the situation of people who are mostly farmers, the potential of livestock is very potential to be developed.

The existence of a group of livestock assisted by BAZNAS Central Lampung Regency encouraged the residents of Rukti Endah Village to develop a livestock business. The abundance of animal feed and support from various levels of society encourages livestock production, especially for cattle and goats to increase. In the village of Rukti Endah itself there is a small industry that is engaged in the manufacture of animal feed, namely CV. Raman Farm Sejahtera. With the existence of the small animal feed industry, it has increased livestock production. The number of cattle reached 1,523 and the goats reached 2,380.


Rep: Yunus