Depok Village. Puskas BAZNAS had an oppurtunity measuring Indeks Desa Zakat in Depok Village, Trenggalek District. The program implemented is livestock that are initiated by LAZ LMI. Depok Village is located close to the mountains, the winding road must be passed to get to the area. The condition of the existing road can be traversed by a four-wheeled vehicle, but the road cannot be traversed by a four-wheeled vehicle in the rainy season.

Indeks Desa Zakat is obtained by  deep interview to key persons in the area. Furthermore, the using of Indeks Desa Zakat encourages effectiveness and relevances as well as measurability in program implementation.

Generally, the village needs some improvement in economic aspect. The village has several potential products, but the annual return is only around 25 million per year, meaning that it is still minimal from the target in general. In addition, this village also has tourist attractions in the form of waterfalls, which is one its potential, which has been developed by the local government.

This village excels in mutual cooperation. They are used to working together in terms of village development. Besides, they usually provide high loyalty to community leaders. Whatsoever support good policy for village development is always supported as carefully as possible. The teenegers also have high enthusiasm to study even though the education facilities are still minimal.