Puskas BAZNAS together with Center of Disaster Studies IPB conducted an assessment related to the disaster economy in West Nusa Tenggara Province. This measurement is intended to analyse the impact of damage and losses due to the continuous of earthquake from last July in Lombok. The assessment is carried out by interviewing the surrounding population based on the type of work. Those who were interviewed represented their work from the sector of agricultural, plantation, tourism, merchant, labor, ect. The results of this study are expected to capture the impact of the disaster and what the best programme that will beintervened by BAZNAS.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Lombok, and parts of Bali and east Java caused damage to the buildings as resident houses, public facilities, schools, businesses and goverments office. Currently, the citizen are still traumatized and more people should live in refugee camps because their houses are destroyed. Many organizations actively provide assistance to treat their feelings of emotion. Furthermore, BAZNAS Disaster Response and Rumah Sehat BAZNAS has been responding quickly almost a month to serve the needs of community. Moreover, some communities are guided to occupy themselves to be more productive, namely to rebuild their homes as well as their hopes.