Center of Strategic Studies visited one of the empowerment programs conducted in Sikakap village, Mentawai Islands Regency in order to measure the Zakat Village Index together with LAZNAS DDII. One of the empowerment programs is Pesantren (Islamic boarding school)-based empowerment program conducted at  Darul Ulum Sikakap Islamic Boarding School. According to the Chairman of Sikakap Darul Ulum Foundation, Ustadz Iswandi, the student at Darul Ulum Islamic boarding school are ranging from junior and senior high school students. Those students come from surrounding rural area in the Mentawai Islands because there are no educational facilities in their area, then the student must leave the area to continue their education to junior and senior high school.

In addition, to obtain information on the potential of Sikakap village, PUSKAS BAZNAS also conducted interviews with secretary of the Sikakap Village. Based on the survey conducted, the potential of Sikakap village is fisheries, agriculture, and tourism. The potential of fisheries is a very promising l if managed properly because of the geographical location of the Mentawai Islands. Agricultural potential is a field that can be developed to improve the economy of the community, especially the cultivation of banana and coconut plants.

In addition to the large potential that is owned, there are problems that must be faced by Sikakap Village communities which is educational problem. With the limited infrastructure available, there are many factors that constrain the community in accessing education. Many students have to leave the area because there are no educational facilities in their area.