A flash flood in Cibingbin district, Kuningan Regency (23/1) still leaves a pile of mud and trash in the resident areas, including public and social facilities. One of the affected area were Elementary School of Dukuh Badag 1 and 2.

BAZNAS Disaster Response (BAZNAS Tanggap Bencana, abbreviated as BTB) has opened kitchen and water postal service, brought 25 persons (fifteen local volunteers, four BTB Centre staffs, one BTB West Java staff, two BTB Kuningan staffs and three BAZNAS Kuningan staffs).

“In three days, we had cleared almost all rooms and other locations around Elementary School of Dukuh Badag 1 and 2, assisted by the Indonesian National Army/Indonesian Republic Police (TNI/Polri) and other volunteers. We also provided disinfectant throughout the school environment, to be free of germs” said Taufiq Hidayat (BTB Commander for Kuningan flash flood). “At least the next Monday, these schools can be comfortably used again for teaching and studying activity as usual” he added. (www.puskasbaznas.com)