NZI (National Zakat Index) socialization submitted to new board that improve the institutional management. This socialization expected that the new board of BAZNAS West Sulawesi can do management refers to NZI indicators. The event was held on Tuesday (8/8) at BAZNAS office of West Sulawesi province was attended by 5 BAZNAS region by delegate 4 representatives. This event divided into 3 terms: NZI socialization, NZI measurement, and socialization of zakat impact measurement.

After NZI implementation on Wednesday (9/8), Noviyanti from Puskas BAZNAS conducted a survey to the mustahik who already have the zakat productive products. Some of its products include woven fabrics, pastries, fish abon, and seaweed chips. West Sulawesi is the 33rd province in Indonesia which is the expansion region of South Sulawesi province. West Sulawesi is still in the development stage, including BAZNAS West Sulawesi Province.