• BAZNAS Kutai Timur District disburses the zakat productive through Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program by providing assistance for the mustahik who run MSMEs.
• 94.17 percent of ZCD in Kutai Timur beneficiaries are males and most of them are husbands. Whereas, the females who join the program are only about one- twentieth, where most of them, that is 11 of 12 beneficiaries, are wives.
• 92.72 percent beneficiaries are in productive age, while the rest are the elderly people whose age are over 64 years.
• 89.81 percent of the beneficiaries are those who still have spouses, while the other 6.31 percent are single parents. Only 3.88 percent beneficiaries are those who have not married.
• Most of the beneficiaries of ZCD in Kutai Timur are less educated.
• 113 of 206 beneficiaries work as farmers, while the other 28 people work as sellers. The other 43 beneficiaries do other jobs.
• 63.10 percent of beneficiaries have one to four members in the family.
• 55.83 percent of the ZCD beneficiaries in Kutai Timur have a household income ranged between Rp 2 million and Rp 5 million.
• The household expenditure of the ZCD beneficiaries in Kutai Timur are vary, but mostly above Rp 1 million.
• The highest expenditure is the daily consumption which reached 47.20 percent of total household expenditure, followed by electricity & water, cigarette, and pocket money (for children). The third lowest expenditures are others, medical consultation, and entertainment.

Statistics of Zakat Community Development Beneficiaries in Kutai Timur





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