• BAZNAS Bantul have a productive zakat program in the form of capital assistance. Distributed to 104 micro-enterprises managed by head of households, with a total 356 family members. We assumed the total beneficiaries are 356 people.
  • 2016, Poverty Line (GK) in Bantul district is Rp. 324,386.
  • Before receiving zakat capital assistance, the number of productive zakat beneficiaries whose income below the Poverty Line are 61 people, and after receiving zakat capital assistance changed to 42 people. Means the number of poor people population decrease by 19 people (3.64 percent).
  • The poverty gap (P1) index of beneficiaries also decrease. Before the program, the poverty gap between poverty line and average income of beneficiaries is Rp 61,543, and after the program the poverty gap changed to Rp 52,658.
  • Before receiving zakat capital assistance, the Poverty Severity Index of beneficiaries seen by Sen Index (P2) is 0.057 and after the program change to 0.040; While seen by Foster-Greer-Thorbecke Index (P3), the poverty severity decrease from 0.007 changed to 0.003.
  • Before receiving the program, the average income of beneficiaries is Rp. 621,771 and after receiving the program changed to Rp. 724,017.

Change of The Poverty Rate Index on Productive Zakat Program Beneficiaries - BAZNAS Bantul, Yogyakarta





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