• Zakat Community Development (ZCD) is a community development program that comprehensively integrate the social aspects (education, health, religion, environment, and other social aspects) and economic aspects using zakat, infaq, and sadaqah fund to create a prosperous and independent society. With the principles of community-based, Islamic sharia, participation, usefulness, continuity, and synergy, the expected society are empowered in four empowerment areas.
  • 95.24 percent of ZCD in West Bandung beneficiaries are males and most of them are husbands. Whereas, the females who join the program are about three beneficiaries.
  • 59 of 63 beneficiaries are in productive age, while the rest are the elderly people whose age are over 64 years.
  • Almost eighty percent of the beneficiaries are those who still have spouses, while the other 15.87 percent are single parents and 3.17 percent are unmarried.
  • The beneficiaries of ZCD in West Bandung are varied in terms of educational background.
  • 10 of 63 beneficiaries work as sellers, while the other 9 people work in agriculture. The other 30 beneficiaries do other jobs.
  • 69.84 percent of beneficiaries have five to seven members in the family while only 30.16 percent beneficiaries which have one to four members in the family.
  • The proportions of beneficiaries who have a household income below Rp 2 million, between Rp 2 million – Rp 5 million and between Rp 5 million – Rp 10 million are 14 percent, 41.27 and 1.59 percent, respectively.
  • The highest number of household expenditure is ranged between Rp 2.000.001 - Rp 3.000.000 (18 people or 57 percent). While the lowest number is ranged between Rp 0 – Rp 1.000.000 (6 people or 9.52 percent).
  • The highest expenditure is the debt which reached 28.63 percent of total household expenditure, while the third lowest expenditures are medical drugs, electricity and water and communication which only reached 2.68 percent, 1.45 percent, and 1.30 percent, respectively

Statistics of Zakat Community Development Beneficiaries  BAZNAS West Bandung





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