• The study on “The Performance of Zakat: A Nationwide Implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) in Indonesia 2017” aims to evaluate zakat performance which includes government, society contribution, zakat institution, and the effect of zakat to mustahik welfare in 28 provinces all around Indonesia.
  • Implementation of NZI is conducted in 28 provinces all around Indonesia, namely Aceh, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, Banten, Central Kalimantan, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sumatra, North Sulawesi, Riau Islands, Bengkulu, Bangka Belitung, Riau, South Kalimantan, West Java, Jambi, East Nusa Tenggara, West Kalimantan, South Sumatra, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Gorontalo, West Papua, Bali, Central Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, West Sulawesi, North Kalimantan, and North Sumatra.
  • This study used National Zakat Index (NZI) instrument with Mixed-Method approach. The results show that the distribution of NZI score categories tends to be normal. Thirteen (13) provinces or 13.47% are categorized as Quite Good, 7 provinces or 7.25% lies in the category of Good. There is no province (0%) can reach the Very Good category as the highest category. Unfortunately, 8 provinces are still underperformed. Six (6) provinces or 6.21% fall into the category of Deficient and 2 provinces or 2.7% still need improvement as they are in the Not Good category.
  • The results show that majority provinces with high scores are driven by the high value in micro dimension. This happens to most of the provinces where 89.3% provinces have a higher value of micro dimension than the macro dimension. Only three provinces that have higher macro dimension score than the micro one. Those are Aceh, Banten, and Bangka Belitung. Therefore, it is reasonable that the macro dimension score in NZI is smaller than the micro dimension.
  • This study confirms Aceh as the province with the highest NZI 2016 in Indonesia with the score of 0.721 – Quite Good. This performance is mainly caused by the Very Good macro value and Quite Good category in micro dimension. Nevertheless, Aceh still needs to improve its zakat performance particularly in terms of the impact of zakat.
  • This study also shows that West Sumatra is a region with the highest micro dimension score. However, from the macro perspective, West Sumatra is still left behind particularly in government budget support. Despite all the limitations, the province still outperforms others in terms of making the zakat programs well-perceived by the mustahik.


The Performance of Zakat: A Nationwide Implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) in Indonesia 2017




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