• Zakat Village Index (Indeks Desa Zakat or IDZ) is a composite index of economic, health, education, social and religious aspect, which are used to measure the extent to which particular village needs zakat assistance programs.
  • The formulation of IDZ is done using mixed methods methodology which integrates quantitative and qualitative methods. The qualitative method is used to develop the components of the IDZ, while the quantitative method is used to form the model estimation for index calculation. The former method is conducted through literature-based study, focus group discussion and expert judgment, from which five dimensions of economy, health, education, social and religious activities (da’wah) are determined as IDZ components.
  • The calculation estimation technique for obtaining IDZ value is done using Multi-Stage Weighted Index method. This method allows calculation of not only final (composite) index value, but also the index value for each component. The value of the index is indeed ranged between 0 and 1. If the IDZ value approaches 1 then the village is should not prioritize for zakat program. Conversely, if the index value closes to 0, the village should be prioritized for receiving the zakat program.


Zakat Village Index:  Zakat Tool of  Rural Sustainable Development




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