WZF Press Release 


Calling All Zakat Institutions in the World

to Save Al-Aqsha 


Responding to the decision of the US President Donald Trump’s administration declaring Yerussalem as the capital of Israel, and as follow up to the joint statement of the OIC member countries declaring East Yerussalem as capital of Palestine during Istanbul Summit, the World Zakat Forum hereby resolves the following points:


  1. The World Zakat Forum condemns any endeavour to claim Yerussalem as capital city of Israel and therefore, rejecting such claim;

  2. As an anticipation of humanitarian crisis that may take place as the result of possible conflict between Israel and Palestine, the World Zakat Forum calls its member countries to establish special fund for Palestine and increase campaign to collect zakat and other Islamic charitable fund to assist Palestinian people and government. It is part of solidarity and brotherhood among Muslim countries in the world.

  3. The World Zakat Forum encourages government of all OIC member countries to escalate political pressure to ensure the safety of the Al Aqsha Mosque as the first qibla and one of the most important mosques in the Islamic world.

  4. The World Zakat Forum also urges the United Nations to take necessary steps in ensuring the peace process between Israel and Palestine, and avoiding any action that may devastate the ongoing peace process between the two countries.


These statements are made as part of our responsibility and duty to maintain the position of Al Aqsha Mosque in the hands of ummah. May Allah shower blessing on us with His mercy.


Jakarta, 18 December 2017 / 30 Rabiul Awwal 1439

The World Zakat Forum,



Prof Dr Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA

Secretary General