BAZNAS Yogyakarta City distributed 200 million rupiahs for “Yogya Cerdas” (“Smart Yogya”) program. The scholarship funds were given to the children of honorary employees in the Yogyakarta government who were underprivileged.

Tuesday (31/1), Vice Chairman II of BAZNAS Yogyakarta City, Adi Suprapto, said “The scholarships are awarded by BAZNAS Yogyakarta City gradually every month for the elementary school (ES), junior high school (JHS) and senior high school (SHS) students. For the ES students, they get 250 thousand rupiah per month, while both the JHS and SHS students receive 300 thousand rupiah per month. This scholarship has successfully sponsored 719 students in total, which consists of 391 ES students, 173 JHS students, and 155 SHS.”

He also stated that zakat, infaq, and sadaqah (ZIS) collected by BAZNAS Yogyakarta City were increasing from year to year, amounted to 4.38 billion rupiah, more than its target which only amount to 4.3 billion rupiah. This ZIS fund is mostly collected from the zakat from employee.

Secretary of Yogyakarta City, Titik Sulastri, appreciated this program since BAZNAS Yogyakarta City has carried out their role, function, and task in a good manner. She hopes that in the future, many more Muslims in Yogyakarta will pay their zakat. According to her, the zakat can build the work ethics of muzakki, while the recipients (mustahiq) can utilize the zakat funds properly. Also, from this scholarship program, the students are expected to be more dilligent in studying and successfully achieving their dreams.