On Thursday (27/06) Puskas BAZNAS conducted National Zakat Index (IZN) training in Riau Islands. IZN is a tool to measure performance of zakat institutions developed by Puskas BAZNAS. The participants of IZN training were representative of each BAZNAS in Riau Province.

As an island province, there are various challenges faced by BAZNAS in Riau related to their program. For example, Anambas District whose surface area consists of only 3% of land. They have to use boat for distributing, monitoring and evaluating their mustahik. Despite of the condition, the micro aspects score of IZN for Riau Islands is quite high or 0.60 (fairly good). Meanwhile for IZN score, Riau Islands has reached the score of 0.42 (fairly good).

Riau Islands was the 14th province visited by the Puskas BAZNAS team. For this year, the measurement of IZN will be conducted in 34 provinces so that the performance of zakat institutions in Indonesia can be captured well.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS