On 28th April 2019, The Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS (Puskas BAZNAS) conducted aplication training on National Zakat Index (IZN) in West Nusa Tenggara Province.The program was attended by 11 BAZNAS Regions and also BAZNAS Province. The event was opened by the Deputy Chairman III of BAZNAS Province West Nusa Tenggara by delivering his welcoming speech and the session is continued with the presentation and discussion on IZN in NTB Province by Yunus Afandi, SE as Secretary of Center of Strategics Studies of BAZNAS.

“Measuring tool of National Zakat Index as one of indicator assessment of BAZNAS Award. The BAZNAS Award will be held in August 2019, hence it is necessary for BAZNAS, BAZNAS Province, and BAZNAS Region to work together to the succesfull of BAZNAS award and developing zakat in country, we were delivering the easiest way to upload the data of IZN through hanphone, every participants can access the aplication directly” Said Yunus Afandi, SE during workshop.

The program  ended up on the next day, April, 29 2019, the participants was very enthusiastic, furthermore they will be signed the MOU between BAZNAS and BAZNAS Region according to the uploading data. “i think it is great idea for the participants to upload the data through online aplication system, it will be more convenient and easy to be applied’, said one of BAZNAS Region Delegates.


Rep: Astika - Puskas BAZNAS