The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) Muara Enim starts to renovate uninhabitable houses in the beginning of 2017. On Tuesday (7/2), first house to be renovated belongs to Mrs. Irawati (Widow, 55 years old), a farmer who lives in Pandan Enim village, Tanjung Enim District.

A social activity to help underprivileged society in order to have a decent house is the initial program of BAZNAS Muara Enim. This program is expected to be a main program of BAZNAS Muara Enim as a concern to the underprivileged society.

"The amount of this assistance is 10 million rupiahs per house, in the form of building material. While the building process is done by the society itself” said the Chairman of BAZNAS Muara Enim, Syachril SH.

Syachril added that the source of this program is from zakat, infaq and shadaqah (ZIS) fund, which is paid by the Indonesian National Army battalion 141 AYJP. BAZNAS Muara Enim receives ZIS fund from that army battalion up to 20 million rupiahs per month.

"From this ZIS fund, the housing program from BAZNAS Muara Enim can be accomplished. Our target for a year is to collect more funds to renovate 20 houses; one house per district in Muara Enim. This program is for those who include on underprivileged criteria, have an uninhabitable house, have a full ownership of the house, and have a recommendation from the village authorities” he explained.

Beside this program, there are other programs such as helping 100 orphans and poor people in Headquarters Battalion 141 AYJP. "Hopefully BAZNAS can reduce the poverty level in Muara Enim" he concluded. (Sources: