On Tuesday, 30th April 2019, BAZNAS Bali Province and BAZNAS Region attended Implementation National Zakat Index Aplication, it was held by Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS. The Program was attended by chairman of Regional office Ministry of Religious Affairs to delivered welcoming speech. Approximately 35 participants were interested during workshop.

The discussion on the IZN result for Bali Province was presented by Yunus Afandi, SE the Secretary of Puskas BAZNAS. The agenda was followed by a training on how to use the aplication of IZN through their phone. In this session, the training was presented by Astika Rahma Gani, SE the Junior Researcher of Puskas BAZNAS.

“Using IZN online aplication, uploading data will be easier and more convenient for surveyor team, eventually the data will be measured by Center of Strategic Studies BAZNAS, it will be published on November 2019”, said Yunus Afandi, Secretary of Puskas BAZNAS.


Rep: Astika - Puskas BAZNAS