The existence of IZN Application was assumed by the head of BAZNAS Maluku to be very effective tool for BAZNAS in regions in inputing the data of IZN. By using the application developed by Puskas BAZNAS, it was hoped that no one of BAZNAS in Maluku Province is absent in providing the data. This application is also assumed quite sophisticated as the data can be inputted in on-line and off-line mode. Therefore, there is no reason to be not serious in providing the IZN data this year.

Thursday (04/07/19) continued with the training and socialization of the concepts and application of the National Zakat Index (IZN) in Ambon, Maluku Province. The training was held at the BAZNAS headquarters in Maluku Province, which was attended by the leaders and representatives of BAZNAS in Maluku province. The first session was delivered by Irvan Maulana ( PUSKAS BAZNAS Senior Researcher) about the concepts and results of the implementation of the national zakat index. Based on the national zakat index report in 2018, the Maluku province index is at a fairly good level. Likewise, the performance of the index from macro and micro dimensions is at a fairly good level. However, similar with North Maluku province, the government support in the form of zakat regulation is still relatively low. The budget allocations from local government are also not so large, so the collection of zakat and distribution are less optimal. Thus, more intense of communication between BAZNAS in Maluku province and local governments regarding zakat regulation are need.

The second session was continued by Adhitya Kususma Zaenardi (PUSKAS BAZNAS Junior Researcher). Adhitya explained about the use of IZN application and how to input it through application, starting from downloading through playstore, registration, activation, inputing, editing and saving the data. The use of IZN application is expected to increase the enthusiasm of the respondents (mustahik) to provide a complete data so that the index value of Maluku province is improve.


Rep: Irvan - Puskas BAZNAS