On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, Center of Strategic Studies, The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) held a training on the use of IZN and zakat assessments, and results of the implementation of National Zakat Index (IZN) for North Maluku Province in Ternate.

The Chairman of BAZNAS North Maluku Mr. H. Iskandar M Djae welcomed the training on inputing the data of IZN via application and hoped that the regional BAZNAS would seriously study the concept of IZN and implement it in their respective regions. The training was attended by representatives of BAZNAS regencies in North Maluku province. The training was begun with a presentation on the concept and implementation of the IZN in 2018 in North Maluku by Irvan Maulana (Senior Researcher of PUSKAS BAZNAS). Based on the result, the value of IZN in North Maluku province is at a fairly good level. It can be interpreted that the performance of Zakat in this province is at a fairly good level, but still below the average score of National Zakat Index in 2018. The performance of micro dimension is at a good level, but macro dimension performance is still at an unfavorable level. The level indicated that there is a lack of support from the North Maluku local government towards the management of zakat, both in the form of budget support and regulation, so that the province of North Maluku has difficulties in implementing the predetermining the strategic plans. Moreover, it is necessary to re-emerge the database of zakat institutions, individual muzakki, and muzakki corporation. Also, the problem that still needs to be considered is the completeness of data from BAZNAS regencies to avoid data input errors and in implementation. The interesting part is that despite the lack of government support in terms of regulations and budgets, BAZNAS in North Maluku can raise the micro dimension index to a good level.

The last session was delivered by Mr. Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior Researcher PUSKAS BAZNAS) on the use of the IZN application to discuss the input of national zakat index data in 2019. IZN applications have been developed since January 2019 and can be downloaded in Playstore. The application can be easily used with data prepared by the training participants. Besides the IZN Application, also introduced to the participants the latest application developed by the Monitor and Evaluation division of BAZNAS. This application is mustahik database system that can be used to collect all data of mustahik. The way to input the data to this application is similar with how to input the data of zakat impact in the IZN application. It is expected that the IZN application can reduce any data input errors, so that the index illustrates the actual condition.


Rep: Irvan - Puskas BAZNAS