On Monday (08/07/2019), Delegations of BAZNAS (The National Board of Zakat) and World Zakat Forum Secretariat attended a Metting with Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The Delegations were Irfan Syauqi Beik, Ph.D, the Director of Distribution of BAZNAS and the Executive Secretary of WZF, Mr. Jaja Jaelani, the Secretary of BAZNAS, Ms. Deasy the Senior staff of Distribution of BAZNAS, Hafiza Elvira Novitariani, BAZNAS Manager of Digital and Fundraising BAZNAS, Astika Rahmah Ghanny, Secretariat staff of World Zakat Forum.

The agenda of meeting were to discuss about the preparation of World Zakat Forum and annual meeting. The Deputy Ambassador to Bandar Seri Begawan said “We will support and assist the program, moreover it is a honor for Indonesia Embassy to take a part, we are going to communicate to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collaborate with  Brunei Darussalam Government.” Approximately, there are 33 representative countries, D-8 and Multilateral Organization that will be invited in this event”.

The World Zakat Forum was established in 2007 comprising 9 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia. The first host country of The WZF conference was Indonesia and Prof. Dr. KH. Didin Hafidhuddin was appointed as the first Secretary General of the World Zakat Forum.

Last year, Malaysia was appointed to host World Zakat Forum Conference. Approximately there are 300 participants attended the conference. This year Brunei Darussalam will be hosting the conference, and the Crown Prince of Brunei Darussalam will be invited to the event on 24 – 26 September 2019.